Research is formalised curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.


This discipline works in synergy with our creative team by identifying client needs and opportunities that galvanise client business success. Depending on the magnitude of the project, established objectives and desired outcomes, we provide research from internally developed methods or from external strategic alliances.


We have access to over 300,000 logos from all different industries right across the globe. Why is this important? Because showing you what similar businesses in your industry are doing is much better than telling you. We realise not everyone can visualise or envisage what a certain style may be. We like to be transparent, we invite you into our process and explain why and what we are doing.

In order for us to set your logo objectives it is much easier if we can look at logo styles and discuss together what you like and don’t like. More importantly we discuss what will work best with achieving your brand objectives.


Understanding your market is very important. What kind of marketing have you completed before? What is successful? What worked and what didn’t? Sometimes we are amazed at the perception our client has of their own market. The reality can be completely different. They think no-one in their industry does any marketing, no-one is spending any money on advertising. Our research is able to show them one of their direct competitors is running an Adwords campaign and a re-marketing campaign online.

We won’t profess to understand your business the way you do, but in order to find the best creative solutions and put together a tight marketing strategy, we need to dig deep to discover the information we believe will get your business to stand apart from your competitors.


Websites and the development around the internet provide us with our greatest challenge. The technology is improving and changing so fast, our clients are depending on Brown Ink Design to provide solutions which have one eye on the present market and one on the future.

Currently 25% of each designer’s time is spent on research, development and ongoing education. This is a large undertaking by Brown Ink Design but one that allows us to be prepared for the future, and prepared for our clients questions.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so important to the design and development of your website. Particularly if your objective is for your website to rank organically on Google, or any other search engine. We spend all the time which is necessary to make sure our clients understand just how important content (images and text) are to their website for ranking purposes.

So what is the process?

  1. Put a search term list together which we think potential clients will type into Google in order to find your business.
  2. Check this list in Adwords to see what Google also recommends.
  3. Overlay this search term list over the website site map, see where adjustments can be made to page titles to best utilise the search terms.
  4. Write the copy for the pages with your search terms in mind. The best way to do this is to simply write the copy so it is easily read and understood. Then you work some of your search terms into the text. The great news is we do not need to butcher the text in order to fit every search term in. Google is smart enough now to recognise similar words as having the same meaning.
  5. After the website is live, we wait four weeks and run a Search Term Report to track how your targeting search terms are ranking in Google.




Knowledge is the key to finding the best solutions. We research your market, collect data and work out a plan of attack in the search for your genuine story.



Using the researched knowledge, we create and shape your story and marketing message. Clever ideas and good design will ensure your message is seen.



Now we have refined your story, it’s time to start the telling. We engage your customer with marketing material which grabs their attention and relates to their needs.



There are many tools available to track and monitor your brand. Analysing your marketing and using your statistics ensures you move forward in the right direction.

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