Brand Fitness – A Wise New Year’s Resolution

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It’s that time of the year again.

Fitness goals are being mapped out with precision, health kicks are in full swing and everyone around you seems to be embarking on the mission to find a better version of themselves because, of course, it’s a New Year.

Gym Membership Deals are everywhere, 12 week fitness app challenges are rife, and convenience ‘heathly’ meal plans and products bombard any visual space they can evade. Bottom line, there’s a lot of hype. If the marketing in this area helps create healthier Australians by getting individuals off the couch, it’s inevitably a good thing. But why not use this time of the year to re-evaluate the health of your business, and in this instance, the health of your brand.

Have you ever stopped to consider how your brand is performing? Is it a 12 week
aggressive flash in the pan, or a lean, mean and consistant fighting machine for your business? How does it look against your competition? Is it sluggish, tired or just plain worn out? What does it say about you, your purpose and your products?

So we thought we’d play personal PT, and put together a quick checklist to help
you decipher if your brand should be off to bootcamp.

1. Audience

Does your brand connect with your intended target audience? Does it interact with
your customers the way THEY want to interact with it? Are you right where the millennials can find you – and make sure it’s immediately please! Strong brands know who their customer is, where they are and what they want from the interaction.

2. Consistency

Is your brand there for the long haul? Is the experience your customer receives from your brand a gold medal worthy effort each and every time they interact with you? Make sure it is or they’ll be quick to shop elsewhere.

3. Exposure

Is your brand showing up where it needs to be? No longer do you need a million dollar marketing budget to get noticed thanks to the digital arena. Position yourself at the front of the pack whether it be via blogs, social media or more traditional marketing efforts.

Place your brand in front of the people you want to attract. Be specific with your approach, that way you’ll attract the consumer you really want to work with.

4. Uniqueness

Do you stand out (in a good way of course!) What gives your brand the edge over
your competitors? What’s your point of difference? No-one likes beige in a world of potential and possibilities!

5. Passion

If you (and your team) are passionate about your brand, and what it stands for, it shows. People love working with people who are are genuinely into what they do and the product or service they provide. Your passion evokes enthusiasm which is infectious for all that come in contact with your brand. This in turn leads to word of mouth referrals for your business which are the best kind!

Still not sure if your brand needs to be in bootcamp? Why not give us a call.
We’d love to have a chat.

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