Does your business need a logo?

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The short answer is yes every business needs a logo. To qualify this more, for some businesses a logo is more important than others.

Now before I continue, I can hear the pessimists suggesting. “Well of course he’ll say every business needs a logo, that’s what he does he has a vested interest in business owners spending money developing their logo”. I can understand this point of view, but stick with and I will explain the virtues of having a logo. I should probably add a good logo, as far as I know a business will not suffer from having a good logo. But I have seen businesses suffer from having a bad logo. So it is not simply enough to have a logo, you must have a logo that has been put through the rigours of a design development process. More on that later.

Over the years I have devised a number of ways of explaining the importance of a logo. I’ve discovered the best way is to show potential clients some very well known logos. As I present these logos I ask them to tell me the name of the company. Years of repeat exposure to these logos has meant they become more in tuned with colour and shape association and can instantly recognise a company based on these elements. While many realise I’ve have changed the names of the companies they still know which company the logo represents. In some cases people don’t even pick up on the word change. This proves just how powerful colour, shape and images are to a consumer remembering the look and feel of your business.

Here are some examples of these logos.


Many businesses can be recognised simply by their icons Mercedes, BP, McDonalds, Nike, Shell are a few examples of these.

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