Which industry has the worst logos?

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We explore the radio industry!

First of all let’s get one thing straight, we don’t normally dedicate time to finding bad logos in order to criticise them. This blog is not about making us feel good about ourselves, having said that we did have a bit of a laugh with some of the logos we uncovered.

So what then is the purpose of this blog? Well, at the Brown Ink studio recently I piped up and said out loud “is there a worse industry for logos than the “radio industry”?” You see I had just stumbled across some beauties “read sarcasm”, and thought to myself this radio industry is a serial offender of some of the worst logos ever conceived.

Scott replied, “I hear your radio industry comment and raise you with the transport industry”. I thought he had a very good point so in the coming weeks Scott will put a transport industry blog together to cover just how good and bad their collective logo reputation is. But for now lets have a look at the radio industry. I have decided to break the logos into categories.



Maybe if we wait long enough the ’80s colour palette, distinctive fonts and complete lack of style may come back into vogue. Then again maybe NOT!

The funny thing about many of the logos is they do look like they were designed by a designer. Maybe they were designed in the ’80s and they never updated them. I have always wondered why radio stations have such a fascination with colour and lots of it.



OK so not everyone can afford to hire a designer. So here’s a little advice for anyone thinking of designing a logo for their brand new radio station. Keep it simple people! These logos are perfect examples of when someone doesn’t know when to stop adding stuff, nearly done just one more colour, nope need to try another font…



These don’t fit into any category in particular but they made it into this blog because they help sell the idea of just how diverse the radio industries logos are.



In the interest in providing a well balanced article I have added some logos which I happen to like. So there you have it, a very colourful look at the brand identities of the radio industry. So was I right?

Stay tuned for the “transport industry”.

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