Is it time to update my logo?

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This might not sound like great business, but I have talked clients out of updating their logo when it simply was not necessary. My decision was not based simply on aesthetics, the decision was based more on the answers I received when I performed my regular process of asking 10 to 15 questions about their business and why they wanted to change their logo.

Over the years I have come across many different reasons for which businesses decide to update their logo. Two of the more interesting involve a small business that was originally started as a husband and wife team. The marriage split up and the husband wanted to remove all reminders of his ex-wife. Which in his case meant redesigning their logo. You see the original logo had been developed mainly with his ex-wifes input. There was nothing wrong with the original logo, it performed it’s duty well it captured the essence of the business, but humans can be very head strong.

The second circumstance was with a business called Australian Retail Services. I am certain there is no better way of knowing a logo change is nigh, than when you are too embarrassed to hand out your business card. In fact this client would apologise to the business card recipient about the state of her logo. Even during our first meeting to discuss getting a new logo and corporate identity, she very reluctantly handed over her business card.
My years of observations and readings provide the basis for why the majority a logos or corporate identities change. In my opinion these can be placed into the following four circumstances.

Identity for renewal

For many businesses staying fresh is the name of the game, and projecting a contemporary, updated image is essential to staying competitive. For these companies, new identities are often more evolutionary than revolutionary. These businesses want customers to recognise an old friend, but be pleasantly surprised by a fresh new visual expression.  I have a few examples here to show you how Shell, Pepsi and Renault have stayed fresh over the years.  Look very closely to how the logos have evolved.


Some logo redesigns Brown Ink have completed


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