Case Study :: C-Tech Services Branding

Some businesses can wait 21 years to introduce themselves to find out how a graphic design business can help, as was the case with C-Tech Services.






C-Tech had been in business for 21 years and thought it was time to have a look at a new logo. This was the first time they had ever spoken to a design studio about branding. Their eyes were opened to the possibilities a new look and feel would create. They mentioned a couple of times they didn’t feel a new logo would help them win more business. This was I guess, our challenge to prove to them that a new marketing message could in fact help open doors.


C-Tech Services thought they knew what they wanted their new logo to look like. We explained we had a process to go through and the objectives set from this process would give us a better idea of what the logo should be aiming to achieve.

C-Tech Services is in the business of keeping our water healthy, they use innovative technology in order to keep an eye on our water supply all over Australia. For us the secondary graphic of pure water was essential in explaining what C-Tech Services did.


Six months after the completion of the project, we received a phone call from C-Tech Services telling us how well received the new branding had been. They had been surprised at the amount of opportunities the new design had created. Many doors had been opened and some of these doors had previously felt to be destined to never be opened.

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