Centacare-Ballarat-WebDesign Ballarat
Centacare-Ballarat-Web Design Ballarat
Centacare-Ballarat-Website Design Ballarat
Centacare-Ballarat-Website Design
Centacare Ballarat Description

Client Location: Ballarat

Centacare has been around for sometime, Centacare Ballarat is one of eleven sites where they are located. Centacare offer a huge range of services which are testament to the people they can help. Centacare also has different business sectors including, Employment, Family and Community, Housing and Education. With an organisation of this size the website can become to cumbersome for the user to navigate.

We recommended “Mega Menus” to help with limiting the click throughs in the website. Centacare were keen to use images and to keep the text to a minimum, it is important people using the Centacare website connect with the photos to feel they belong.

Feedback since the website was launched has been very positive which is great for Centacare and allows us to feel like we have guided Centacare in the right direction.

  • Custom Banner Design
  • Custom Online Forms
  • Stripe Payment Integration
  • Blog/News
  • Online Jobs Listing
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