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Derbyshire Home Website Design
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Derbyshire Homes Description

Client Location: Geelong

When we work with builders we like to say to them, don’t tell your customers how good you are, show them. Great photos will tell the story of quality and good design. Derbyshire build beautiful custom homes, their emphasis on quality design and beautiful finishes shine through every home they build.

We are in the age of research so it is imperative our clients provide information about their business online which will make the process of choosing a builder easier. The Derbyshire way is built around a great process. What makes them unique is their design process. This page on the website is quite extensive with much information about how their design process and how it works.

  • Custom Banner Design
  • Gallery/Portfolio Section
  • Mega Menu with images
  • Responsive Design
  • Copywrting & Photography
  • Advanced SEO & reporting
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