The owners of Firm and Free have been long time business owners. This was a new business venture and when they approached us it didn’t yet have a name. We worked on a few names, presented them and then out of the blue, Leanne, one of the owners suggested “Firm and Free”. Straight away we thought it was perfect. For starters the name summed up the business, let me explain.

The business is based around two pieces of equipment, one is called Emsella and the other Emscuplt. Emsella is designed to help people with pelvic floor issues eg. incontinence. You sit on this specially designed seat and it recreates the person doing thousands of crunches in a 30 minute session. The person does not break into a sweat nor do they feel any pain, but the results are amazing. The Emsculpt is designed to lose weight and firm muscle at the same time. It achieves this by places a tiny machine on the area you want to improve.

The name suggested through the use of the word ‘Free’ that you are getting back your life, leaving you free to do what you want when you want without the fear of having an incontinence episode. The word ‘Firm’, well it’s self descriptive isn’t it, so is the logo. The icon is made from two letter ‘F’s’ which also represent wings (the freedom of flying) and abs.

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