Bett’s Footy Grip has been an Australian icon within the lawn bowls industry for over 40 years. With an objective to revitalise its image and reach a younger demographic in ball sports, Bett’s Footy Grip launched Gecko Grip and have initially concentrated on the Aussie Rules, Rugby Union and Rugby League market sectors.

Gecko Grip is a formulated non-slip sports grip, a product specifically designed to assist players with stronger hold and greater control. Made with quality Australian ingredients, Gecko Grip offers players the competitive edge when it comes to tight slippery conditions on the field.

Gecko Grip’s goal is to have their product used across every football code in Australia. Through the use of fresh colours and exciting visuals, Brown Ink Design have helped develop a product that distinguishes itself from its competition. Using our starter website package to launch their product the future looks bright for Gecko Grip.

  • 4 colour process printing
  • Self adhesive coated stock
  • Die-cut to shape for cap

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