Geelong Monitoring Services is the premier security monitoring business in Geelong. Their previous logo was hard to read and didn’t convey the business objectives at all. For starters GMS is a security company and yet this was not evident in the name of the logo. The owners were not sold on whether a new branding would be better for the business, they were worried people were too used to the old logo.

We wanted to retain a link to the previous branding, so we kept the colours similar. We added the word “security” to the logo and made the overall perception of the company as strong and dependable. The shield while cliche was an obvious choice.

We also wanted to make a feature of the GMS patrol cars. The client was keen to do a full wrap which was what we had in mind. The cars are unmistakeable and the GMS brand is now easily recognisable, which is important when you especially want the crooks to take notice that the building has security surveillance. When you have a great reputation like GMS, you want to make sure people remember you.

A story the owner of GMS told me a few weeks after the branding project was completed, shows just how important good design is. The owner you see, wasn’t that sure a rebrand would add any value to his business, nor did he think it would help him sell more alarm installations. Driving one of his newly wrapped cars, he wondered why so many people kept looking at him as he drove through the streets. It then occurred to him that they were looking at the car. “OK” he thought, “maybe there is something to this marketing after all.” He was sold a few days later when two prospective customers worked in off the street and said “We keep seeing your cars, we think they are great, we need some security.”

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