Each year we have some fun creating a Christmas gift we give to our clients and suppliers.  A few years ago we decided to do something a little different. No we didn’t make fools of ourselves on a video like the Christmas of 2011. We decided instead of giving out gifts, we donated money to Oxfam on behalf or our clients and suppliers.

But in true Brown Ink fashion, we didn’t just give Oxfam the money, we needed to have a little fun in the process. We needed to work out a way of breaking the news to our clients. We decided to create a present tag which would ordinarily be attached to a present.  The tag told the client that “This Christmas Brown Ink gives a Duck”. Which made perfect sense to us because that was exactly what we were doing. Well giving ducks to deserving families in Bangladesh at least.

  • Digital printing
  • Recycled stock
  • Special white spot ink
  • Sourced matching string

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