The success and response to our branding has been outstanding!

Jodee and I started a business in September 2017, Goat VR, which operates Virtual Reality Simulators in several Shopping Malls around Melbourne. We also hire them out and attend events and markets.

Jodee knew Branding would be critical to our success. We were looking for a quality product and were not really concerned about the location or price (within reason). We chose Brown Ink on the quality presentation of their quote, the fact that they were local was a bonus.

The first meeting with them confirmed we had made the right choice. They were informative, they took the time and listened to where we wanted to take our business. It was an excellent two-way conversation.

They presented several options which reflected ours and the Business’s personalities, then together we selected what we hoped would be the most effective. Brown Ink then produced the full branding package. As a new business we could not afford to do all the branding in one hit, again Brown Ink came up with a planned and staged implementation that worked for them and us.

I am happy to say, 12 months down the track, the success and response to our branding has been outstanding. A number of very large Corporations have approached us, stating that what attracted them was our professionalism and our stand out branding.

Our main contact at Brown Ink is Danny, he is excellent to work with and understands our business which is reflected in the quality of his work. All the people at Brown Ink we have had contact with have been fantastic and I do not hesitate to recommend them and we look forward to working with them into the future.

Doug Cowey :: Founder & Director

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