The packaging design for GORGE Chocolates was part of a total revamp of their branding. This started with their logo and extended through to their website and signage.

The packaging however was the nucleus for the project. GORGE Chocolates are a beautiful product, but the logo didn’t do the product justice. There was also an inherent issue with the time it took to create each pack. All of GORGE Chocolates products are hand made, so they didn’t need the packaging to be even more time conducive than necessary.  The old packs for instance had three separate stickers, the logo on the front, the ingredients and other details on the back and the use by date sticker. Given the size of the stickers and the construction of the packaging, the stickers very rarely went on straight. The ingredients sticker was also printed in-house adding even more work to the already lengthy process.

Solution, create one sticker for the logo and the ingredients etc, pre-print them in large quantities and cut your production time by a third. Oh, and make it all look great.

  • Logo
  • Business Card
  • Packaging/Labels
  • Photography
  • Site Signage
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  • DL Brochure
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