Client Location: Torquay

Hayden Constructions was built in our Professional package, but after the initial build, we were asked to add more pages and portfolio projects. Hayden Constructions build beautiful homes with most based in Torquay, particularly in The Sands Estate. Photographs tell the story for Hayden Constructions, but you can’t just have a website with photos, because it simply will not rank in Google. So we needed to develop some copy in order to help the website rank.

Like most trades, Hayden Constructions are not big on using words to describe what they do, they prefer to let the photos do the talking. This meant the portfolio and gallery section of the website needed to work seamlessly.

  • Custom Banner Design
  • Custom Online Form
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Portfolio
  • Gallery System
  • Twitter Feed
  • Social Media Links
  • Graphics and Icon Designs
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