Every now and then a project comes along which you are asked to be involved in just for the love if it. The education around “Healthy Minds” is an important topic and one we wanted to be apart of. Healthy Minds Geelong is the brain child of a group of business people who participated in the Committee for Geelong – Leaders for Geelong program.

Pete Derbyshire from Derbyshire Homes asked us to help out with the branding and website. The Leaders for Geelong gave us the brief and free reign to pursue the creative solution. Essentially our idea is based on individuals from all mental health categories coming together to become a community. The different colours plays on the colour spectrum and the different colours used to represent emotions.

The website is designed to help people who don’t know were to start if they are interested in improving the health of their mind. One long standing thought process we are fighting hard to change is when people talk about “Mental Health” they immediately think “Mental Illness”. Healthy Minds Geelong is all about changing this perception.

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