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You’re building eye-catching projects with wonderful aesthetics, but your current branding doesn’t reflect the projects you now build.






Modcraft Services have helped design and building some striking projects, including architecturally designed home, grand kitchens and contemporary bathrooms. But if you judged the business by their logo you’d think they built patios and decks.


Developing a brand that better represented the business Modcraft had grown into was a very enjoyable project. Modcraft trusted us to do our job and allowed us the freedom to design to the objectives we had both agreed upon.

While the name ‘Modcraft’ is one word we saw an opportunity to highlight the ‘MOD’ and use these three letters to convey some architecturally interesting shapes which also were very readable as letters.


The process of designing a new brand for a client is a rewarded challenge. In this case Modcaft were the perfect client, they loved all four logos we presented and only took a day to make a decision. When they saw how it worked on a hoodie and in a website mock-up they were sold. The feedback from colleagues and suppliers has been very possible, with one suggesting it was about time they looked more like the projects they built.

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