Polaris Lawyers Description

Client Location: Melbourne

Polaris is the name of the North star: the first and brightest star in the night sky. Because it is stable, it has been used for centuries by explorers in navigation, and for European explorers – Polaris showed the way home. Polaris Lawyers believe that at their best, lawyers serve as navigators: guiding clients through a complex legal system. After completing the branding Brown Ink rolled out the new style to Polaris Lawyers website.
The objectives of the website were:

  • To be responsive
    (mobile & tablet friendly)
  • Be user friendly and easy to navigate
  • Re-inforce their strong branding
  • Include a way of communicating with customers
  • Promote a range of services offered
  • To rank in a highly competitive market
  • Custom Banner Design
  • Blog / News Section
  • Custom Page Titles
  • Custom FAQ Section
  • Custom Chat Software
  • Advanced SEO & Reports
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