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When your business evolves and your logo no longer represents the type of work you do, it is time for a change.






Signature Homes has been around for awhile, they knew the homes they were building were not being represented accurately in their branding. But like most businesses, they were reluctant to change because of the cost involved in signage for their building and transport, it is not cheap to revamp the signage on nine vehicles.

But when a strong component of your business is design and the homes you design are contemporary innovative projects, it is important your innovative nature is represented in your brand.


The branding of a business can be a very personal process, you have emotions attached to the journey you’ve been on and the logo of your business can encapsulate much of that journey. The key component with the development of the new logo was to represent the design/architecture innovative element of the business. Creating a new icon which pays homage to the old logo but represents the new marketing objectives is not always an easy ask. The three houses from the old logo, a literal representations. The new logo shows the three houses but they are less obvious, combined with the contemporary shape the new icon imparts a progressive more contemporary approach.


The feedback from new clients, existing suppliers and the industry has been very positive. Sometimes a rebirth within a business like a rebrand has more impact than you think. The team at Signature Homes now have a brand which more closely reflects their business. The new signage on the transport and building is something they are proud off, they love the positive feedback when they pull into a job site and people comment on the ute signage, they are no longer apologising for their old logo design.

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