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Four years is a long time in the world of the internet. We designed and built a website back in 2011 and then went through a complete rebuild in 2015, the new website is miles ahead in terms of functionality.




Sproutwell Greenhouses is the leading online greenhouse retailer in Australia. Brown Ink designed their logo and helped to build their brand in 2011. We had also managed the migration of their business from ebay to their own website in 2011. The business had out grown the old website, the structure could not keep up with the demands of customers in 2015.

The challenge with rebuilding a website which is already successful is to make sure you make it better and it does not lose any of its ranking in Google. The new website would also be a responsive design which would allow it to rank well on Google on mobile devices.


The new website would utilise “mega menus” which would make it much easier for users to find products. The website would contain many more products and have the ability to expand to accommodate additional products. The new website’s responsiveness to mobile devices would meet the new standard set with Google’s search engine, meaning if you searched for a product on a mobile device, Google would elevate your ranking if your website was mobile responsive.


Sproutwell Greenhouse love their new website, we set out to achieve many objectives and achieved them all. There were a few hiccups which were more about change of habits from one website to another. These were sorted out very quickly and now the Sproutwell staff have had a chance to spend some time in the website their habits and processes have changed accordingly. Visit the new website

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