The online retail world has grown exponentially in the past five years. One of the largest growing areas within this boom are young Mums. The number of tertiary educated Mums looking after their young children is at a level we have never seen before. Of course intelligent, creative, driven people don’t like to sit around all day when there are opportunities to be explored.

This is the case for Whale Spout’s owner Kate McLean, a full time Mum with three young girls. The skills taught to her by her Mum started to kick in when it came to making clothes for her three girls. One thing lead to another and before long you start an online business. I might hear your murmur “nothing new, there are thousands of Mums starting online businesses to make a few extra bucks.” This is true, as it is also true that every day thousands of people decide to start a new business either retail or service orientated. With Whale Spout, the end goal was more than to try and make a few bucks, there was a business plan and a planned marketing direction.

Brown Ink was able to make the process easy for Kate. We firstly discussed all the positives and negatives with starting an online business.  We spoke about the best marketing channels and working to Kate’s strengths. In the first month the website had over 1,000 visitors.  The key to Whale Spout’s marketing was to utilise Facebook. Whale Spout had over 489 followers in less than 4 weeks and more importantly received some fantastic free publicity through The Age. Whale Spout was featured in a story “A rookies guide to online selling” on the front page of The Age’s website. This came about because Kate was following a page called Flying Solo.

So what more can we say about a successful launch of a new business. It takes a number of ingredients, a great name, professional visuals, an easy to use website, fantastic appealing products and a smart marketing plan. Sounds easy doesn’t it!

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