This complete web design package has all the features of our professional package plus some mouth watering extras.


from $5,600 + GST


  • Design based on a WordPress theme
  • Mobile device responsive design
  • Elementor CMS editing system
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • 15 Pages of your content added by us
  • Unlimited changes by you in CMS
  • Add unlimited pages by you in CMS
  • 3 hours of consultation
  • 3 hours of CMS training
  • Gallery/Portfolio Section
  • Social Media Links and Icons
  • Home page animated banners x 3
  • Site search tool
  • Blog / News Module
  • Contact / Enquiry form / Google Map
  • Online Enquiry Form (spam intercept)
  • Footer Section with automated widgets
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO – Basic)
  • Google Analytics website integration
  • Analytics automated monthly report
  • Hosting Setup
  • Safari/Chrome/Firefox compatible
  • Internet Explorer 10+ compatible


  • Social Media Integration ($360* extra)
  • Copywriting ($950* 15 pages)
  • Advanced SEO ($1800* 15 pages )
  • SEO Training ($550* extra)

* plus GST

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Your website should be easy to edit otherwise you simply will not want to edit it. This is what makes Elementor so good.

Elementor makes editing your website easy.

This is the website page the public will see.

Elementor is a visual editor that doesn’t require you to know any coding knowledge. It is a drag-and-drop page builder making it easy for you to make edits on the page itself.


Website Interface Design

Brown Ink’s core business is design we are branding specialists, we help businesses understand their story and the best way to tell it. Website design makes up a very large chunk of our work. In fact more than any other marketing material we create, designing and building a website utilises our communication skills not only from a look and feel point of view but also from a communication message.

For instance, no two websites are the same. Each website while having a similar base often referred to as a site map can be presented in so many different ways the best choice is often based on who the website is aimed at. A website like ours (Brown Ink) is very image biased, this is for a reason. We create designs which are easier to look at than to describe. We often tell our clients “don’t tell your potential clients how good you are, show them!” This is particularly important to businesses like builders, architects, furniture makers, designers, plumbers, electricians in-fact any business who makes, fixes are creates for a living.

We enjoy designing image heavy websites because we have great skills at making businesses look amazing. We understand photography because we are also photographers. We believe while it is great to have a website that ranks on Google it is also extremely important to have a website which engages your customer and makes them feel comfortable that your business can do the job.

Ranking on Google

Very rarely do we come across a client who doesn’t want their business to rank well on Google. They have their reasons like for instance they target clientele are not going to come from people searching for their type of business. But it is essential they have an internet presence because they win work through tenders and sub-contracting work and their clients like to do their background checks. Having a professional looking website is imperative.

For every other business who replies on Google for most of their enquiries then the content on their website is extremely important. When we refer to content we mean images, text and videos. All are important and need to be given great consideration on each page in order to give yourself the greatest opportunity for your website to rank. If your website has 17 pages then we want as many of those pages to rank as possible, each page can actually act as a mini website within your whole website.

When we meet with our clients before the website design process begins we take our clients through a thorough process to help them with their content. On most occasions we will end up writing the copy for the website and doing the on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


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