When Jem the founder and passion behind Leaders in Life came to Brown Ink to discuss his idea for a new business, I was struck by his passion for helping people. Jem wants everyone to understand they are a leader, he wants to break down the perception that only people in high “responsibility” jobs are leaders. In his mind if you are in position where you are responsible for driving a cause or result and responsible for others, then you are in a position of leadership

This is how Jem describes what they do… “We facilitate life defining, leadership training programs in remote and beautiful locations. We take our clients far from their familiar environment to provide the opportunity for true perspective, as they experience our Mindset Workshop, Expedition Style Trek (learning Mindfulness and Profound Awareness), and Assimilation and Future Design workshop.”


From the moment I engaged Brown Ink to design the look and feel of the brand, Leaders in Life, the whole team welcomed me with excitement and passion for the project. The initial consultation with Rodney was all about him understanding the real core drivers of the business, what is the value proposition, the points of difference, the target market etc. His designer was responsive and proactive in design, and a clear communicator in regards to process. The visual creation is spot on and very much in line with the original directive.

It really feels like Brown Ink is on my team and are driven to see my business succeed as well. I can highly recommend Rodney and his team.

Jem Switajewski – Leaders in Life Owner

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