Signature Homes have been a client of ours since 2012, through out this time we had discussed a number of times the update of their branding starting with their logo. Signature Homes build some wonderful contemporary homes, their current logo didn’t reflect the type of work they were doing.

It was agreed it was time for an update, however we weren’t originally engaged to do the project. After Signature Homes went through the branding process with another company they weren’t happy with the result. This is when we were asked to help.

The logo and branding you see is a reflection of the process we went through. The old Signature Homes logo consisted of three house icons, the house icon was a typical looking house. Our design has kept the link to the three houses but used a more interesting shape to portray the house, you could say we’ve used a more architectural approach. This shape also gives us the opportunity to it as a secondary branding element, which you can see on the car signage.

  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Transport Signage
  • Work Site /Office Signage
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