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Changing your focus from one market to another is never easy, this is the problem Trevena faced with a recent rebrand.






Founded in 1956 Trevena & Sons has been providing commercial heating and cooling services for a very long time. Trevena contacted Brown Ink Design and asked if we could help them target their marketing to the high-end domestic market.

The challenge was getting a business who had never had any real process or priority with their marketing and brand to convert their thinking.


We recommended a name revision and a new brand identity which would be based around their key vision of providing “Sustainable Heating & Cooling” solutions. The new marketing would be aimed at the domestic or residential market but would do no harm to their commercial interests. In fact it would help their commercial relationships.

The initial marketing process is to put some case studies together and package them up for introductions to architects and sustainable builders.


It is too early at this stage to provide a definitive evaluation on the success of the brand and marketing changes. Feedback has been good and so far the website has created a few genuine enquiries which is a few more than the old website ever did.

Trevena Branding Gallery

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